This book describes the successful interaction between youth, local policy makers and the community which took place in ward 202 and ward 203 of Mumbai in 2007-2008.
This project was born out of the prevalent political system where the creation of second, third tire leadership is not fostered.This attitude combined with that of youth who seem to carry a large spectrum of negativity towards policymakers and politician has led to a continuous crisis of younger leadership in the country.
This project created a forum where the local community, the PUKAR Youth Fellows and the policy makers came together for an open dialogue at multiple places and at multiple events. This gave the opportunity to the community to present their difficulties to the policymakers and allowed the youth to learn about the difficulties encountered in governance. In order to disseminate this interaction to all members of the community and to overcome the language and low literacy barriers, many of the findings of the research were shown in form of combination of quantitative pie charts and bar graphs combined with illustrations depicting members of the community.