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Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action and Research (PUKAR) is happy to announce the launch of the PUKAR Youth Fellowship Programme, 2014-2015. We invite applications from groups of young citizens who seek to create a positive change in their communities.

This year, we invite applications from groups of young individuals who wish to become knowledge- producers and are interested in exploring the social, economic and cultural aspects of their neighbourhoods. If you know a group of individuals who are energetic and curious, are in the age group of 18to 30, and want to explore the city, make sure they hear about the PUKAR Youth Fellowship Programme. The research project will be conducted in groups of 7-10, so we are particularly interested in applications from groups of friends or colleagues who aspire to be changemakers in their communities. The last date for the application is 10th July, 2014.

Using the tool of research, the groups of youth fellows will be able to better understand the realities of their neighbourhoods and through advocacy and intervention, transform their communities. Through extensive workshops with resource persons, PUKAR will equip the fellows with the skills required to conduct research including framing research question, exploring design, understanding methodology, managing grants and other aspects of research, as well as workshops on mapping, photography and writing skills

In the past, our Youth Fellowship members have conducted research on themes as diverse as the changing face of the Vaidu community, importance of Maharashtra Nature Park, recession and youth, success stories of HIV+ women, and reading spaces in the city. Their findings have been published and circulated in the form of poetry, photo essays, research papers and pamphlets. Summaries of Research projects are available on our website.

Contact Details: PUKAR, 272, Municipal Tenements, BMC colony, Kherwadi, Bandra (E), Mumbai 400051; Tel. 022 26474870,

Email: youthfellowship@pukar.org.in Visit www.pukar.org.in for more information.

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Narratives of Transformation

You will now be able to be a part of the self-transformative journeys of our researchers as they stumble upon new realities, explore unheard of stories, and in turn, advocate change.

We will be tracing the lives and research experiences of our researchers on our

blog, www.azadkhayaal.wordpress.com 

Follow us to celebrate their free thoughts and beliefs.


 Your Place, My Place or Our Public Space?

PUKAR – BMW Guggenheim Lab Collaboration 

How do you think about privacy? Have you ever considered what privacy means in relation to yourself, your friends and family, and your communities? The researchers at PUKAR, in collaboration with the BMW Guggenheim Lab, have explored these questions with the citizens of Mumbai. This study explores people’s perception of privacy, city and space.

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