PUKAR Monsoon 

PUKAR Monsoon

The event started on August 11, 2013 with the youth engaged with NGO Akshara and continued until October 26, 2013 at Studio X, Fort (Public event).

In all, 16 locations were covered across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, which included 9 Colleges, 2 Communities, 3 Organizations, 1 Corporate office and 1 Public event.

15 different Research topics were presented by 14 Barefoot Researchers; out of which 12 were women, and 2 men.

The event has directly reached to 740+ city-dwellers as they participated in the discussions and sharing as audience.

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Youth Fellowship Programme, 2012-2013

Graduation Event and Book Launch



On June 8th, at 3.30 PM, the terrace space outside the Library Conference Hall at TISS was abuzz with frenzy activity as 15 groups, engaged in the one-year Youth Fellowship Programme, instituted by PUKAR, communicated their findings in an exhibition. The exhibition demonstrated the range of issues that concern Mumbai’s youth. At one end of the hall, the group that documented the ‘Lives of Manipotwalis’, had prepared a booklet with the narratives of their respondents. They were dressed as manipotwalis themselves and had on display a replica of the burden the manipotwalis carry. Exploring a range of sexuality and gender issues, one group exhibited their research on the ‘Lives of Sex Workers in Karjat and Khopoli’, explaining how their own attitudes towards sex workers have changed through the research process, while another group presented their report on ‘Youth Perception of Live-in relationships’. In addition, many education related research were conducted, some directly dealing with education like one research on ‘ Hurdles in Higher Education for the Students of Matunga Labour Camp’ while some dealt with allied concerns like ‘ The Status of Public and Private Libraries in Dombivili’. There were also researches conducted on urbanization and related processes. For instance, a group of girls from Mumbra who worked on ‘ Mumbra’s identity’ distributed pamphlets with their findings and their poems, speaking of the dire need to embrace different religions.

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Carol Breckenridge Memorial Lecture


 Your Place, My Place or Our Public Space?

PUKAR – BMW Guggenheim Lab Collaboration 

How do you think about privacy? Have you ever considered what privacy means in relation to yourself, your friends and family, and your communities? The researchers at PUKAR, in collaboration with the BMW Guggenheim Lab, have explored these questions with the citizens of Mumbai. This study explores people’s perception of privacy, city and space.

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