Your Space, My Space or Our Public Space

Partner: BMW Guggenheim Lab Collaboration 2013-14 The BMW Guggenheim Lab collaborated with PUKAR to explore the concepts of public spaces and privacy in terms of  community spaces, homes, gender, income, technology etc. for citizens of Mumbai as a part of their global research on cities and citizens.   This project involved selecting 10 public spaces in Mumbai, documenting them and mapping them extensively. They included spaces across the city like gardens, parks sea front, lake fronts etc   800 short structured interviews were conducted around these space, 400 on the spots in the public space and 400 in the homes around the spaces asking people about their perceptions on issues related to privacy and public spaces.  39 in depth interviews were conducted across 5 economic quintiles across the city.   The data was compiled, analysed and results were displayed in the exhibition that was mounted at the prestigious Bhau Daji Lad City Museum and the PUKAR was perhaps the first organization o conduct a workshop with Trans-gender community in public domain. In addition, PUKAR team conducted interviews of people who came to view the exhibition.