“Research as Pedagogy, Advocacy and Transformation”

Collaboration between Dr. BMN College of Home Science and PUKAR

PUKAR promotes research as a right for everyone and uses it as tool for pedagogy, advocacy, intervention and transformation. Based on our experience of working with community youth and the transformation we noticed in their knowledge, skills and attitude, we realized a need to engage with undergraduate students in more structured format. In 2014 PUKAR and Dr. BMN College of Home Science, Matunga collectively started Add-On Certificate course titled as “Research as Pedagogy, Advocacy and Transformation”. This specially designed applied course is offered to first year students and has been running successfully as a part of the curriculum, thus mainstreaming this alternative pedagogy. Overall, this course aims to empower students with knowledge and skills of Community Based Participatory Action Research (CBPAR). Students are taught theory and practice of CBPAR.  They not only study theories of participatory action   This course helps students to–  
  1. Learn Research Methodologies, ethics and overall process involved in research work
  2. Enhance their research skills including critical thinking
  3. Broaden their perspectives towards social issues they undertake for research study
  4. Learn co-creation of knowledge in a team using alternative learning methodologies
  PUKAR executes the course over a period of 4 months commencing from November and ending on March of each year.