2007-2014 Partner: Ford Foundation The Mythologies of Mumbai Project explored the relationship between globalization and entrenched social and economic hierarchies through three lenses - livelihood, habitat and educational institutions. The two areas of the city chosen for this exploration were Girangaon - the erstwhile industrial centre of Mumbai and Dharavi - supposedly the largest slum neighborhood of the city, both undergoing gentrification. The researchers, residents of Dharavi and Girangaon, archived, through photographs and mapping, the rich structural and live heritages of both localities through longitudinal follow up over a period of three years. During the second phase of this project, the archived materials were used to create outputs in forms of video documentaries, photoessays, created by the community journalists who were trained by PUKAR team over a period of 6-8 months. These products were disseminated through communities, educational institutions and digital and print media. The aim of generating more participatory and representative discussion on the lopsided development of Mumbai in particular and about urbanization in general was achieved successfully through this phase.     Outcomes: